6" Minus rip rap

$28.00 m3 or $21.28 yrd

Riprap is used where a structure or shoreline is continuously exposed to rushing water: Along a lake shoreline to limit erosion associated with wave action. Along the outer bank of a river bend, dissipating the force of the water against the bank. Near bridges along embankments and adjacent to supports in waterways

1-1/2" Drain Rock

$32.00 m3 or 24.32 yrd

Drain rock is a porous gravel material designed to manage the flow of water in a drain.

Banked Pit run

$9.50 m3 or $7.22 yrd

Banked Pit Run is used for a base for roads and driveways and should be placed in layers 12″ thick or more.

3/4" Fractured
Drain Rock

$32.00 m3 or $24.32 yrd

This product is mined on site and contains no rock fines. It can be used in multiple applications where water drainage is required. It is especially well suited for French drain systems, leach lines, and drainage ditches. It can also be used for driveways and filling potholes.

Bedding Sand

$9.50 m3 or $7.22 yrd

Bedding sand in used in place of natural ground materials. Landscapers and farmers use types of bedding sand most often, but it has many applications in a variety of industries.

Winter sand

$25.00 m3 or $19.00 yrd

A high quality sand free from salt and harmful chemicals. It will not deteriorate concrete, peel paint, or add contaminants to soil. Packaged in convenient bags that will resist sliding in your vehicle.

3/4" Road Crush

$21.00 m3 or $15.96yrd

Road crush or gravel is a fine mixture of rocks and sand. When it is wet and compacted it functions as a base or leveling material for a variety of different landscape structures and hardscapes such as decks, patios, retaining walls, and walkways.

3" Screened
Pit Run

$12.50 m3 or $9.50 yrd

Quarry 5/16"

$35.00 m3 or $26.60 yrd

Quarry 3/4"
Road Crush

$42.00 m3 or $31.92 yrd

Quarry 3/4"
fractured clear

$35.00 m3 or $26.60 yrd

6-12" Rip Rap

$35.00 m3 or $26.60 yrd

12" Rip Rap

$42.00 m3 or $31.92 yrd

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Truck Prices

Truck $140.00 an hour (10 yds)
Truck & Pup $185.00 an hour (20 yds)
We do not load pickup truck or small trailers.

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